We help customers avoid unplanned production stoppages due to electrical issues.

Businesses who understand the impact of power quality in their environment can achieve a competitive advantage by reducing costs and increasing quality and efficiency.

Poor power quality often leads to costly interruptions, shorter service life for equipment, increased operating costs and higher energy consumption. Omniverter helps our customers implement a comprehensive power quality management system that can be used to continually pursue the objective of measuring, analyzing and optimizing power quality.

Omniverter specializes in helping customers identify the causes of their electrical power problems.

Once a diagnosis has been made, we work with our customers to implement a tailored solution to adequately address their unique power quality needs.

Omniverter offers a wide variety of leading products to address many common power quality issues:

  • Voltage Sag Problems
  • Power Quality Measurement
  • Short Term Power Outages
  • Flicker Correction
  • Power Factor and Harmonic Correction
  • Long Term Voltage Regulation
  • Electrical Energy Measurement
  • Voltage Sag Simulators
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Power Quality 101

Learn more about what causes power quality issues and see a sample of a protected manufacturing environment where business uptime creates a significant competitive advantage.

"The results were dramatic. Productivity losses from sags with the protected saws were reduced to zero. I can say with absolute confidence the payback was well under a year. Now my only problem is that production managers want to know why we didn’t protect the rest of the wire saws with the AVC. Every time a thunderstorm appears in our area, we have to shut down the unprotected saws until the storm passes.”

Silicon Wafer Production - Plant Engineer

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